LUPEE A CERTIFIED STAR MATERIAL The good thing about dues paying is the fact that no matter how long one spends at it or how frustrating it gets some times, it only serves to prepare the artiste for the judgement day. Dues paying have made him a thoroughbred artiste whose aura even off the stage intimates some of the established acts. His earthshattering vocals, the share energy of his beats, his peerless song writing ability and his out of this world stagemanship have all added up to make LUPEE A CERTIFIED STAR MATERIAL. Born Lucky Wilson Gajah in the early 80’s, Lupee got bitten by the music bug as far back as the late 90’s. Even as a youngster, he did his first master tape of a whopping 10 tracks with a then popular street anthem tagged “Lupee Yaya” featuring Rymzo. Laced with a mind boggling dancehall street savvy that never cease to amaze his peers, he quickly became an underground kingpin in and around the street and one cannot but agree that fate has prepared a place for him under the spotlight.



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